Sikhism & Sufism


Emphasis on music and singing the praises of God.

"All the comforts lie in the meditation of the one Name. All the religions are contained in singing God's praises." (Guru Arjan Dev, Asa, pg. 392)

Emphasis on inner worth instead of external rituals.

"Easy is it to utter and cause to utter. But difficult is it to accept Thy Will." (Guru Arjan Dev, Sri Rag, pg. 51)

"They who perform many religious rites, but meditate not on the Creator and in their mind have no Divine discrimination, suffer transmigration and wander in many existence's." Guru Arjan Dev, Pauri, pg. 297)

Respect for all religions and prophets and a general tolerance for the convictions of others.

Free community kitchen.


Belief in poverty and asceticism. Gurus believed one should lead the life of a householder.

"To be a householder, who at least gives to some is better than this wearing deceptive robes (of the recluse)" (Guru Amar Das, Slok, pg. 587)

The final stage of the Sufi is renunciation away from family and community. There is no need to renounce these in Sikhism.

Belief that life is misery and the world nothing but an embodiment of pain.

"Ever meditate within thy mind on Him, by whose kindness thou dwellest comfortably in thy palace. By whose kindness, thou abidest in comfort with thy family, repeat thou His Name with thy tongue for all the eight watches. Nanak, constantly meditate on Him, who is worthy of meditation and by whose favour thou enjoyest love and pleasures." (Guru Arjan Dev, Ashtpadi, pg. 269)