Bani Concerning Religions

Recitation of religious books, penance, religious discussions and all meditations,
The exposition of six schools of philosophy and Hindu ceremonial books,
The practice of yoga and the performance of religious rituals,
The abandonment of everything and wandering in forests,
The performance of many efforts of various types,
Alms giving, oblation to fire and bestowal of many jewels,
Cutting off the body into small pieces and making them an offering of fire,
The performance of fastings and vows of many varieties,
All these are not equal to the contemplation of Lord's Name.
(Guru Arjan, Ashtpadi, pg. 205)

"If we think of the suitable time and moment, at what time, then can the worship of Lord be performed? By remaining, night and day, imbued with God's Name, the true person has true reputation. When one forgets the Beloved even for a moment, what sort of devotional service is that?" (Guru Amar Das, Sri Rag, pg. 35)

"Say not that the Vedas and Muslim books are false. False is he, who reflects not on them." (Bhagat Kabir, Parbhati, pg. 1350)

"Make thy mind thy Mecca and make thy body thy temple of worship. This soul, the speaker is the Supreme Guru. O Maulvi, then utter thou the call to prayer. The one body mosque has ten doors. Slay thou thy wrath, doubt and malice and consume thine five demons. Thus thou shalt be blest with contentment. The Hindus and the Muslims have the same One Lord. For man, what can the Maulvi do and what can the Sheikh do?" (Bhagat Kabir, Bhairo, pg. 1158)

"The Hindu is blind and the Muslim is one-eyed. The Lord divine is the wiser of the two. The Hindu worships at the temple and the Muslim at the mosque. Namdev serves that Lord, who has neither a temple nor a mosque." (Bhagat Namdev, Gond, pg. 875)

"All the Vedas, the religious books of the Muslims, the Simirtis and Shashtras, by reading these, salvation is not obtained. He who by Guru's instruction utters the one Name; He gathers the pure glory." (Guru Arjan, Suhi, pg. 747)

"One man shaves off and calls himself a sanyasin, another passes for a yogi or a celibate. One calls himself a Hindu, another a Turk, one a Shia, another a Sunni, but know ye, men all over are the same. He alone is the Creator of both Hindus and Muslims, the Compassionate One, the Allah, our great Giver: nay, know not another, for there is not another. So serve they all the One alone: for He the One is the only God of us all: it is His Form, His Light that is diffused in all." (Guru Gobind Singh, Kabitas 71-90, Akal Ustati)

"A Muslim understands the Muslim way of life and a Hindu the Vedas and Puranas. To instruct his mind, man ought to study Divine Knowledge to some extent. I know only the One Lord, who is the source of everything. I believe not in him, whom the Lord writes (creates) and erases (destroys). If someone sees the One Lord, he perishes not by beholding Him." (Bhagat Kabir, Gauri, pg. 340)

"If God abides only in the mosque, then to whom else does the rest of the country belong? According to Hindus the Lord's Name, abides in the idol, but, I see not truth in both. O my Lord God, I live by Thy Name. O my Master, show Thou mercy unto me. The God of Hindus dwells in the southern land and the God of Muslims has His seat in the west. Search thou in thy mind, yea, search thou in the heart of thy mind, for this alone is the only abode and seat of thy God." (Bhagat Kabir, Parbhati, pg. 1349)

"The Muslims praise the Islamic law and they read and reflect upon it. According to them the Lord's servants are only they, who fall in captivity (of orthodoxy of Islamic law) to see His sight. The Hindus praise the Praiseworthy God, when they see in many beauteous form. They bathe at holy places, make flower offerings and spread the perfume of eagle-wood before idols. The yogis that there are meditate on the Absolute Lord and name the Creator as Unseen....Like the above, depart after eating here, what they had. Have they thus done any good deeds?" (Guru Nanak, Slok, pg. 465)

"The temple or the mosque are the same, the Hindu worship or the Musalman prayer are the same; all men are the same; it is through error they appear different. Deities, demons, Yakshas, heavenly singers, Musalmans and Hindus adopt the customary dress of their different countries. All men have the same eyes, the same ears, the same body, the same build, a compound of earth, air, fire, and water. All and Abhekh are the same, the Purans and the Quran are the same; they are all alike; it is the one God who created all. The Hindu God and the Muhammadan God are the same; let no man even by mistake suppose there is a difference." (Guru Gobind Singh, Akal Ustat, pg. 275)