Sikh Names & Their Meanings

Name Meaning
Saihaj Peaceful and equipoised person
Saihajleen One absorbed in peace and bliss
Sangat Associating with holy congregation
Sachsukh One who attains true peace
Sachsev Servant of Truthy, True servant
Sachkeerat Singing the praises of God
Sachgian Having the True Knowledge
Sachdev Truly Godly person
Sachdhian Absorbed in the True One
Sachpreet The true love, the love of God
Sachman True at heart
Sachleen The one absorbed in Truth, in God
Sachveer Bravely upholding the Truth
Sajjan A dear friend, a righteous person
Sant Saintly person
Santa Exalted person
Satsukh The one in True Bliss
Satkeerat One who praises the True One
Satgun Of True merits
Satjeevan The one living the truthful life
Satnam One accepting God's Being as True
Satparvan The one accepted by God
Satpreet The lover of the Truth
Satpal The one who abides by the truth
Satbachan The one abiding by the Holy Word
Satbir The True warrior
Satleen The one absorbed in Truth, in God
Satveer Bravely upholding the Truth
Santokh Contented, peaceful, and patient
Sampuran The perfect one
Shabad Deep Lamp or light of the Holy Word
Shabadpreet The one who loves the Holy Word
Shamsher Brave like a lion
Samrath Mighty and powerful
Sharan Taking the shelter of the Guru
Sharanjeet One who attains the Guru's shelter
Sarabjeet Winning all
Sarabjot All-prevading Light
Sarabdeep The lamp that gives light to all
Sarabdev God of gods
Sarableen One who prevades in all
Saroop Beauteous
Sadhu Saintly person
Shaan Famous, respected
Simar One who is absorbed in God
Simardeep Lamp of remembrance of God
Simran One who is absorbed in God
Simranpreet Lovingly remembering God
Simarleen Absorbed in remembrance of God
Sartaj Crown of head, the Master, leader
Seetal Peaceful, calm, contented
Sukhindir God of peace
Sukhsharan Peace in taking shelter in Guru
Sukhshant The one who is in bliss and peace
Sukhcharan Peace attained through Guru's Lotus Feet
Sukhchain The one who is peaceful and calm
Sukhjeet Remaining in peace
Sukhjeev A peaceful person
Sukhjot Light of Peace
Sukhjodh Warrior of peace
Sukhdeep The lamp of peace and bliss
Sukhdev God of peace
Sukhnam Bliss from Naam
Sukhpreet One who values inner peace and joy
Sukhbir Warrior of peace
Sukhmeet The peace-giving friend
Sukhraj King of Peace
Sukhram the one in whom peace prevades
Sukhroop Embodiment of peace
Sukhleen Absorbed in joy of God's love
Sukhveer Warrior of peace
Sujan Wise, of exalted knowledge
Sundar Beauteous
Sundarjeet One who attains to beauteousness
Sundarveer Beauteous and Brave
Sumat One with wise intellect
Surjit Immortal, Godly person
Surjot Godly light
Surat Of awakend consciousness
Surinder The king of gods
Surinderjit One who is victorious over gods
Sulakhan Virtuous, meritorious
Sultan King, monarch
Sher Lion
Seva Absorbed in service and simran
Sobha Glorious, virtuous